Dr. Rob

Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz – founder of Advanced Fibers product line from my company Healthy Kidney Inc.

When you have kidney failure, like I had, your digestive system goes downhill because all the kidney toxins get dumped into the colon.

You may experience diarrhea or, more commonly, gut-wrenching constipation, bloating, excess gas, pain, indigestion, nausea and more. In fact, people often get diagnosed with IBS after kidney failure and given the strongest laxatives available.

Now, I was lucky enough to get a kidney transplant and started experimenting with supplemental fibers which greatly helped me. I studied, researched and even experimented with many till I figured out the right combo to really improve my gut health and be free of gut problems.

I’ve also helped thousands of people who have come through my clinical practice in Bergen county, NJ for almost the past 2 decades and know from firsthand experience, how difficult it is to find a decent fiber.

It was a hassle for me and a hassle for my clients to get good quality products. So, I decided to develop my own product line. With the highest standards for raw materials, all-organic, quality-controlled and FDA registered manufacturers.

What I’m giving you access to with Advanced Fibers is a pathway to better digestive health and normal digestive function. No more planning your trips around the bathroom, dealing with embarrassing gurgles, excessive gas or suffering from the strain and pain of constipation.

These are natural solutions that have been employed for hundreds of years, now validated by science, to deal with the age-old problem of poor digestive health. Why are they so time-honored? Because they work

Each of our fibers has been created to address and support a variety of specific situations and digestive needs. I welcome you to take a look at our catalogue and find the right fit for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting which fiber is best for you, please reach out to us.



Robert Galarowicz ND
Founder Advanced Fibers

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