Advanced Fiber Store F.A.Q.

1) What does fiber taste like?

Fiber has a relatively flavorless, bland taste to it, so you can easily mask any hint of flavor with the beverage of your choosing.

2) Should it be clumpy?

Some of our products contain insoluble fiber, and these may be extra clumpy or resistant to a seamless mixing in.

Those products can sometimes have a grittiness if they are not mixed thoroughly, but the best way to remedy this is to pour in your powder first, a small amount of liquid, mix those two together to form a paste and then mix in the rest of the liquid.

Using a blender will easily mix any of our powders into any beverage of your choosing.

3) I have difficulty swallowing, can I choke on this?

No, you shouldn’t. Make sure to add sufficient water (or whatever liquid you’re using) and mix in between sips, to ensure any clumps are broken up and dissolved.

With our 100% soluble fiber they generally don’t clump and are very easy to mix.

4) How often is it safe to take these products?

Our advanced fiber products, can be taken daily and multiple times a day. They have been formulated to be safely tolerated even at high doses for the most stubborn digestive issues. If you’re new to taking fiber, start gradually with a half to one serving and work your way up over time as your body adjusts.

5) Can I mix this in other liquids besides water?

Yes, of course! It’s preferable if the liquid is water-based and free of excess sweeteners or artificial ingredients, but our fibers maintain their efficacy when blended in a wide range of beverages, water, tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, fresh pressed juices, etc.

6) Can I consume the powder on its own, or does it need to be mixed into a liquid?

You should always drink our fiber products with water to help them make their way through the system. It’s also recommended to follow up with an additional glass of regular water once you’ve finished your fiber drink.

7) I feel when I take the fiber, I get constipated?

In a small amount of people, they begin taking fiber and don’t have a bowel movement the following day or days.

In some people, there is a reset process that happens. With the introduction of fiber into the digestive system it begins to reset the peristalsis, the wave like movement that moves food through your digestive system.

So, not to worry if your bowel movements are off schedule. This can happen for 3-4 days and after that you can have smooth easy regularity.

8) When I take fiber, I get bloated?

If this happens you probably have a sensitive digestive system. So, choose one of our 100% soluble fibers and begin with a small amount such as 1 tsp and gradually increase to full serving sizes.

Can increase 1 tsp every 5-7 days till you reach your desired amounts.

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